History of the Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, is located in Buildings 5, 6, and 14 of the Faculty of Engineering. It was established in the year 2510 B.E. and began offering the Bachelor of Engineering program in Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering) at the undergraduate level since 2508 B.E.

Currently, the curriculum at the undergraduate level covers fundamental engineering courses in various branches and professional courses in Mechanical Engineering, emphasizing five core groups of subjects. These groups include Automotive Engineering, Energy Engineering, Air Conditioning Engineering, Design and Production Engineering, and Disaster Prevention Engineering. The department offers regular, special, and international study programs.

In the year 2530 B.E., the department expanded its offerings to the Master of Engineering program in Mechanical Engineering (M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering). The program is divided into three groups of subjects: Mechanical Sciences and Applications, Thermofluids, and Mechatronics and Control Systems. Additionally, in 2546 B.E., the department introduced the Doctor of Philosophy program in Mechanical Engineering (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering), covering in-depth theoretical knowledge, research, and the development of advanced work in the field of Mechanical Engineering.