Research Areas:


Applied Solid Mechanics Lab (ASM Lab)

   Director: Assist.Prof.Dr.Attaporn Wisessint


Contact: Building No.6, 16F, Room No. 61605 

Expertise: Biomechanics Engineering, Bone Remodeling, Muscle Simulation, Biomechanics Testing, Design and Simulation of an Orthosis Device.

Laboratory of Fluid and Thermodynamics (LoFT)

   Director: Assoc.Prof.Dr.Weerachai  Chaiworapuek


Contact: Building No.7, 17F, Room No. 61705 

Expertise: Clean room for medical applications, Flow control, Computational fluid dynamics

l The Applied Mechanics

The Applied Mechanics area is applied to the characterization of mechanical components, structures, systems and materials linear and nonlinear vibrations, dynamics, and acoustics, with applications in advanced materials, biomechanics and biological materials, mechanics of manufacturing processes, noise and vibration control in suspensions, brakes, and other automotive/aerospace systems, experimental model identification for multi-body systems, and structural health monitoring for prognosis of stationary devices, ground vehicles, and other mechanical components.

Faculty and students in the Applied Mechanics area conduct both basic and applied research. Basic research advances our fundamental understanding of both experimental and theoretical mechanics. Applied research involves the development of mechanical components that are more compact and lighter, as well as more efficient and longer lasting. Applied research could also involve the development of measurement and prediction methodologies for assessing the destructive effects of operating loads and the environment in mechanical materials and systems, for example, in automotive suspensions and body armor.

l Design and Manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing activities include the design and manufacturing of machines, systems, products, mechanisms and processes. This research area seeks to educate a new generation of versatile innovators by integrating entrepreneurship, creativity, design, prototyping, manufacturing, and systems with new, leading-edge techniques and processes for design, manufacturing, and product development. A wide range of research activities are conducted at Research and Development institute of Production Technology (RDiPT).